Honed Concrete  has strong aesthetic appeal with an industrial edge. It is often perceived as a slippery when wet surface but the truth is it actually has a non-slip texture which makes it perfect for around a pool, under a patio or porch and even inside the home.

Even existing, worn out old concrete can be honed to create a modern look in any room, indoors or out. This is achieved by grinding back the surface of the concrete to the desired exposure level, then sealing to give a full gloss or satin finish.

Certain factors affect the final finish including:

  • the colour and hardness of the stones which are exposed through the grinding process
  • the colour of the concrete mix
  • the quality of the concrete mix, with a high strength concrete required to produce the most desirable appearance

Choose a honed concrete finish to add a sleek, stylish and edgy look to your outdoor areas.

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